National Certification Database
Certification No :AZ 69024618 Certifier :TUV Applicant :Powersafe Power Boards Pty Ltd Equipment Class :Level 3 - Residual Current Device Description :Portable Power Outlet with Built-in Residual Current and Overload Protection
Certified Date:10/27/2020 Expiry Date :10/27/2025 Standard:AS/NZS 3190:2016+A1, AS/NZS 3100:2017+A1+A2+A3
Certification Conditions:Authorised marking: TUV024618EA


Model Trade Name Profile
Guardian PSG10A, Guardian PSG15A, RB4-10, RB4-10 DUO, RB4-15, RB4-15 DUO, RB6-10, RB6-10 DUO, RB6-15, RB6-15 DUO, RB8-10, RB8-15 Powersafe 240Va.c,, 10A or 15A, 50Hz